Even the numbers were titanic.

More than 830,000 people passed through Titanic: The Exhibition during its six-month run at Florida International Museum, easily setting a new attendance record. The exhibit closed in June 1998.


Aboard the doomed ship of dreams that night on April 14, 1912, were the wealth and society of two continents, working professionals on holiday and immigrants hoping for a new life in America.

The dramatic story of the the world's largest and most luxurious ocean liner and its deadly collision with an iceberg unfolds in "Titanic: The Exhibition" at the Florida International Museum and in this special section.

Do we delight in disasters?
What perversity draws us to such tragedies as the Titanic's sinking? Or is it even perversity? Are we merely swept up by the emotions of crisis as we ponder in a place of safety?

'Titanic' sets museum on a hopeful course
Still afloat after a number of setbacks, the Florida International Museum is viewing the new exhibit less as a lifeboat and more as an anchor for future success.

How to get to the Florida International Museum -- Directions and a map

Titanic frozen in time -- A timeline of the history of the Titanic


Area offers a cornucopia of culture
Besides the Titanic exhibit, there are seven other art museums as well as non-profit art centers, college galleries and commercial showplaces.

Titanic' flavor is on downtown menu
A number of St. Petersburg restaurants are resurrecting the grand dining that could be had on the great liner.

Filmgoers love that sinking feeling
The famous catastrophe is often revisited on screen with varying success. The plot possibilities are endless, but the final product sometimes sinks like a stone.

Plenty to read on doomed ship
Want to know more about the Titanic? Here are some books on the subject.

'Titanic' on the Web
A number of sites on the World Wide Web offer information, insights, even theories about the Titanic.

Titanic Trivia
The St. Petersburg Times' contribution to Titanic trivia is a misspelling of the ship's name.

What has changed?
Improvements to passenger safety since the Titanic disaster

REVIEW: Human element vividly recreated The exhibit's story tells of a watershed event in this century. Its great underlying theme is social history.


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