What has changed?

Improvements to passenger safety since the Titanic disaster:

  • Passenger ships must carry lifeboat space sufficient for everyone on board
  • Lifeboat drills conducted
  • Steamships carry searchlights
  • 24-hour radio watch on all ships carrying 50 or more people
  • Separate frequency for distress messages
  • Creation of International Ice Patrol to monitor icebergs
  • Shipping lanes shifted farther south

How the Titanic compares to today's cruise ship:

TitanicCarnival Destiny
Length: 882 ft. 9 in.Length: 893 ft.
Height (keel to funnel): 175 ft.Height (keel to mast): 236 ft.
Width (beam): 92 ft. 6 in.Width (beam): 116 ft.
Gross tonnage: 46,329Gross tonnage: 101,000
Maximum speed: 25 knotsMaximum speed: 22.5 knots
Passenger capacity: 2,603 Passenger capacity: 3,400
Lifeboats' capacity: 1,178Lifeboats' capacity: 3,600
Number of lifeboats: 20Number of lifeboats: 24

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