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A number of sites on the World Wide Web offer information, insights, even theories about the Titanic. Here's a sampling:


    A knockout site containing a great deal of information on the Titanic and many photos that you won't find anywhere else. It's billed as a "Tribute to the Titanic," but it's also a potted history lesson that'll make you seem like a veritable fountain of seafaring knowledge during your next bout with nautical types.


    Did you know the Titanic had two sister ships, the RMS Olympic and the HMHS Britannic? Neither did I until I found this site, which is maintained by an Australian. It's interesting to read what structural changes were made to the Britannic as construction on this liner was halted almost immediately after the Titanic went down.


    A super-glossy site with little substance about the Titanic itself but some rather nice stills of and QuickTime movies (viewer available from http:/www.quicktime.apple.com) or streaming Vivo movies (viewer available from http:/www.vivo.com/player2) about the upcoming flick. How formal dinner was back then! There's good eye candy on this site, which will no doubt grow with information when the movie hits theaters.


    I have enough problems changing a flat on Interstate 4, let alone even thinking about doing something practical like build something. Imagine getting your head around a project like building an ocean liner. Count me out. This site looks as if it is maintained by somebody who works at Harland and Wolff, the company that built the Titanic, rather than a professional sales-oriented effort. Scroll down and read through the archives.


    Be prepared for this graphically rich site; it takes a little while to download via a modem, but it's well worth the wait. What really caught my eye was its great area on myths and other nonsense that surrounds the Titanic.


    A lively theory on how and why the Titanic made a trip to the bottom.

Jules Allen is director of interactive services for Best Software in St. Petersburg.

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