Don Morris

Don Morris began drawing before he was five years old. The first thing he learned to draw was Popeye. His Dad worked at the local paper mill so there was plenty of paper to practice on. While growing up Don learned to draw people by sketching them wherever he went. He attended Delta College, Fresno Pacific College and ended up at the University of Pacific where he majored in fine arts and graphic design. Don has been an art director, freelance illustrator and was the Graphics Editor of the Stockton Record in California for five years before moving to St. Petersburg, Florida.

About Don's illustration style: Part 1 and Part 2

Don's illustration style varies depending on the type of story he works on. His favorite technique is line art and watercolor because of the spontaneity. He works traditionally and uses the Macintosh computer. "I always start with the sketch" Don says. "From there I either finish the illustration traditionally or scan it into the Mac and finish it there." This allows him to illustrate and experiment up to the last minute before a deadline. His favorite subject to draw or paint is people and odd animals or critters that he makes up. As Design Director of the Times, Don works with reporters, editors, artists and photographers and helps direct the look of the St. Petersburg Times.

Don has been a news artist for the St. Petersburg Times since 1988. In September, 1995 he was named Design Director of the Times. Don teaches at Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida and is represented by artist agents Alexander/Pollard Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia. He has illustrated three children's books.

Don lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with his wife, Wendy and three teenagers, Aaron, Kendra and Cameron. They have two dogs, Cyrus and Buela, and a cat named Dorothy.

Times photo by RICARDO FERRO

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