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A note to parents

The Florida Holocaust Museum will not display atrocities of the tragedy in its exhibits, according to director Steve Goldman.

Even so, educational director Noreen Brand does not recommend the Holocaust Center for children younger than 8. They are unlikely to understand much of what is presented, she said.

Brand, who also is the teacher on assignment for Holocaust education for Pinellas County Schools, said by age 8 most children would be interested in the exhibits showing life in Germany and Eastern Europe during the 1930s.

They are likely to take away lessons about how prejudice hurts, the former classroom teacher said.

"I would also hope they would start to see what happens when someone remains silent and people become indifferent to the needs of other people," Brand said.

Middle school visitors would have a higher level of understanding of the center and its exhibits because of their awareness of the world around them, she said. They should be able to make connections to prejudice and stereotyping taking place around them.

High school students should be able to connect injustices that occurred during the Holocaust with those occurring around the world.

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