The development of the educational guide was a collaborative effort of volunteer representatives from three public schools in the Tampa Bay area; University of South Florida, St. Petersburg campus professors, administrators and students; and the Florida International Museum. Extensive research and preparation went into the design and content of this guide. The elementary and secondary teachers involved were particularly gracious and helpful in devoting countless hours to making this guide a practical and useful tool for other educators. The Florida International Museum is extremely appreciative to the following for their involvement in this project:

Florida International Museum
James E. Broughton, Executive Director
Dr. Robert Steven Bianchi, Curator, "Splendors of Ancient Egypt"
Margaret Bowman, Florida International Museum Volunteer Coordinator

School District of Pinellas County
Judi Westfall, Associate Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction
Teresa S. Terry, Supervisor Pre-K-12 Instructor
Mary A. Edington, Teacher, Baypoint Elementary School
Patricia S. Williams, Teacher, Lynch Elementary School
Jeri Gammage, Gifted Specialist, Norwood Elementary

School District of Hillsborough County
Michelle Capell, Teacher, Blake Junior High School
Terrasa Rafferty, Teacher, Blake Junior High School
Watts Sanderson, Principal, Blake Junior High School

University of South Florida
Dr. H. William Heller, Campus Executive Officer and Dean, St. Petersburg campus
Dr. Sonia Helton, Professor of Education
Pearl Williamson, Administrative Assistant
Natalie Nichols, Graduate Assistant

Brigham Young University
Dr. Sally M. Todd, Associate Professor, College of Education, Department of Educational Psychology

Independent Sector
George A. Capsas, Substitute Teacher, History

Faculty, staff, and students
Grace Lutheran School
Holiday, Florida

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