These articles were gathered to give a behind-the-scenes take on how the Florida International Museum created its current exhibition and to acquaint you with the area. Check back and stay caught up with the latest happenings.

Mummies don't make the trip (January 2, 1996)
The Egyptian government has allowed only one of its mummies to leave the country, and that was in the 1960s -- for repairs.

Museum's fate rested on "Splendors" (January 2, 1996)
Difficulties with the Egyptian exhibition hold lessons for future blockbuster shows.

The bay area is an art oasis (January 2, 1996)
An exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts also focuses on pharaohs while art museums around the bay area offer splendors of their own.

Mortals held godly power for 3,000 years (January 2, 1996)
A study of ancient skeletons contradicts any notion that Egypt's pharaohs were heartless despots.

The Egyptologist (November 5, 1995)
"Some of my colleagues study artifacts,'' says Dr. Robert Steven Bianchi. "I use art to get a window on Egyptology."

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