Three Little


Three Little Words was researched and written from 1994 to 1996. Medical information in the story was carefully checked by experts on AIDS. Much has happened in AIDS studies since then. For the most up-to-date information about testing and treatments consult these Websites.

The AIDS Memorial Quilt Site
Even if you don't know all of the names, seeing in person the AIDS Memorial Quilt is truly an emotional experience. Here, you will learn among other things how to make a panel, where to view the quilt, the history of the quilt. It's a good primer to understanding this unique movement.

AIDS resource List
A good starting point for finding AIDS-related resources on the Web. The list includes pointers to sites dealing with clinical, support and prevention issues. The site also encourages visitors to show support for preventing the spread of AIDS by downloading a red ribbon and placing it on their Web pages.

Computerized AIDS Ministries
This consortium is made up of people from many backgrounds, ages and religions. Their commonality is that most have or know someone who has the HIV virus or AIDS. The site, set up in 1993, is part of the General Board of Global Ministries. This site is like an online support group offering inspirational stories, HIV/AIDS information and a telnet link to the CAM Bulletin Board Service.

Food and Drug Administration
This site offers a lot of good information about FDA approval of AIDS treatments. Search the database of official press releases and stories or take a look at the government agency's electronic Bulletin Board.

Queer Resources Directory
Talk about resources. This site is billed as "a massive archive of files about everything queer." The AIDS/HIV section alone lists a few screens of related articles, Web sites, newsgroups, television transcripts and obituaries.

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