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Erin, Meghan and Jane

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The morning after. Jane gets a surprise visit from Erin (left) and Meghan. Jane and her children have received lots of support and encouragement from the publication of their story.

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(The ages indicated below are as of March 3, 1996, the date the series ended.)

Erin Morse, 17, helped lead the Lakewood High School Girls Soccer Team to an undefeated regular season and a place in the state finals. She is a three-sport athlete and an honors student in Lakewood's computer and technology program.

Meghan Morse, who just turned 20, lives in St. Petersburg with her mother and sister. She was a student at SPJC and now works for an optometrist. She is fluent in four languages and considering a return to college.

David Morse, 24, lives in Miami. He works for an international computer firm and travels often to Brazil and Argentina.

Jane Morse, 47, left her job with a St. Petersburg law firm after only three days. Jane returned to the office of Dr. Jeffrey Paonessa, where she continues to work with cancer and AIDS patients. Her new title is Patient Advocate.

March 3, 1996 was the third anniversary of the death of Michael David Morse.

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